This section of ~lba is intended to be a photo repository. An archive of photos taken since early 2004 by Aaron Veldstra. Most of the photos were taken with a pentax optio 5. A little point and shoot number that is starting now to loose its screws. A pentax k-10 was purchased in Early 2008. So far this camera has been wonderful yet due to its size has not made it on as many adventures as I would have liked. It has seen a little use which will soon change.

The index to the left lists each gallery. My apologies if this does not appear fluid. This is the first time I have let a machine write the code for ~lba. Up until now all the pages have been created using one of the oldest text editors out ther-- VI. Since I am dealing with a fair volume of pages to create I have been forced to modernize. These pages are still pretty stoned-age and not as pretty as they could possibly be. But hey thats my look if you don't like it, go deal with Flickr.

Thank you for looking. At some point I may put up a comment system. But judging by my learning curve that will take a few dozen years. If you feel compelled to write me, send an email to: betterthanbutter[at]

One final note. All these pictures are subject to copywrite and some rights are reserved. Basically I never want to deal with lawyers. I am an open person I host these pictures without any hinderance, because I tend to believe that people are generally good and have honest intentions. If you want a picture because you like it or have some purpose-- take it. If you try and make a million dollars with the image and claim it as your own. I might have to hunt you down and kick you in the shins. I once biked 12kms across a town on a small-pink-girl's bike, in a rain storm, just to tell off someone who had been an asshole. I can be vindictive when I want to be.