Doris and Bj

location: South Branch, NF
time: walk the rock 2005
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a walk across the rock

Located along highway one 100kms south of Stephenville Crossing. There is a small town named South Branch. When I happened upon it that greyish afternoon, I was a might bit peckish. I stopped to ask a Gentleman chopping wood if there was a local store in this hamlet. He replied "No it closed just after christmas." He told me that the nearest store was back a few miles. The way i had came. He then asked me if I would like a sandwich or something. I eagerly replied "Yes."

He invited me into his cottage. It was warm and inviting. He then introduced himself as Bj and his girlfriend as Doris. Doris put on a pot of coffee, and Bj prepared me a Newfie steak sandwich with mustard. It was a very simple meal. Doris explained to me that they had yet to do their grocery shopping for the month. They had no car and grocery shopping was best done in Stephenville Crossing 100kms away. To some it may seem a little ridiculous not having car with so very little commerce in your imediate vicinity. Doris and Bj seemed to make it work. Carpooling to do groceries with the neighbours.

It was amazing to see that people can still function in today's society without a car. Even When they live miles from the nearest Safeway or Wholesale club. But it proves that there are ways to live a life without a personal vehicle in rural North America.

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