Transmssions From The Toilet Bowl

location: Weed CA
time: jan 7, 2007 12:15am
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Here I sit... I spent the day with James, the first response to my Craigslist post, riding in a prelude down the I-5. Its been quite the day. I woke up way to early. After sleeping for 3 hours. It was a sunshiney day when i woke up. Really nice. The snow that had landed the day before was all glisteny and melting. I was on edge. Anxious.

James called me at 9:15 am. He was a mere block away. I packed the few remaining things into my laptop bag. But failed to insert the usb cord for my Pentax Camera into the cord pocket. I can't believe it. Probably the most important peice of equipment. The one piece of cordage that will make this camera work. Soooo very important. And its not here... I am an idiot

wait a minute here let me try something...

Holy shit it works!!! huzzah thank you Ubuntu!!! The On-board card Reader IT WORKS. Geez louise. can't believe it. That didn't work before. What happened. Its a miracle!!! Thank you open-source. You have saved me once again. I guess all that screwing around with kernels worked. Amazing!!! And Joe thought it wouldn't work. Hah. Ye of little Faith.

Sorry that was getting a little too geeky. Anyhow problem circumnavigated. On with the show.

I sit in my current state, in a rest stop on the I-5. Somewhere just past Yreka. In a town called Weed of all things. I am laughing. It took all of the daylight hours to get here. We didn't stop driving till 11:00pm. I know what your thinking... Driving? but i thought this was The Cure From Cars? Well let me talk about that.

this pic will always make me laugh

In this world there are alot of cars. Many of them. Too many... Far more of them are of the single occupancy variety. This is a problem. Why burn all that gas to move that metal when it is just one person? That is my first question. The second is can we put another body in that car? Of course we can. In this age of instant messaging, and global communication it is trivial to find others who are of like mind. Craigslist is one of the ultimate forums for situations like this. Thousands of people use the forum everyday. Of those thousands there are bound to be similarities in needs and offers. It takes mild diligence and a bit of patience to find those others who are looking for similar answers. Hardly any effort at all. It may not get rid of this car problem we face, however it reduces the impact of one car with one person.

Another benefit of carpooling is the HOV lane. Something that has been an institution on the west coast for a bunch of years now. For those not in the know, a HOV lane is a lane that is specially marked for High Occupancy Vehicles. Any car with 2 or more passengers is allowed in this lane. It is a brilliant idea. It gives the people who have more than one person in their car the option of moving over to a lane that flows way faster than the rest of the road. Which keeps them moving. A great incentive to get more people into one car.

Tomorrow proves to be an interesting day. That is when i leave the security of a vehicle to start the second leg of the journey. The walking bit. It should go on for a while don't worry. I'll still have to get to San Diego after that but it should be no big deal. I am going to call on the help of my good friend Mr. Greyhound. I should be walking in a few days. HO-ray.

slight du Champ ifluence

By the way this current post was written in the mens washroom in Weed.

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