Fear and Loathing In LA

location: Lomita, CA
time: jan 14, 2007 9:38pm
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I smashed into the brick wall of sanity today. Its no big deal. I was anticipating this I have gone through it enough times in the past to see it coming. It is an inevitablity in venture such as this. I am pretty sure everyone goes through it at some point in their life. Phyciatrist have labeled it depression and anxiety in some patients. It is that point where the mind starts going a little batty. Many things can trigger it. I won't get into the various triggers. In my case it comes from being alone in a strange land. Far from the people I care about, and love. I have been doing this drifer thing for years now and have had to deal with it many times. One person has even called me a professional in the feild. In the past I have turned to a variety of vices to ease the pain. Doctors like to perscribe drugs for these symptons. I have smoked pot in a sort of self-perscribed solution. I am avoiding weed at the current moment. I feel its for the best. As marijuana is a downer and can sometimes make it much worse. When I walked across newfoundland I ran into this problem. Pot can relieve the anxiety for a moment, but if you hit it too hard it just slows everything down including the copeing process.

This time I am going to use the power of the internet. No I am not going to sit in chat rooms all day, or start buying useless crap. As that would seriously impede my ability to get anywhere. Instead I am going to throw it into your hands. See I am seriously interested in what the world has to say about The Cure From Cars. Don't worry I don't expect anyone to come up with a miracle solution. I am more interested in just getting some feed-back. I can walk all day. Its no big deal. I really enjoy the dizziying highs of seritonin flowing through my viens. The elation of being in the sun all day. Its when the seratonin runs out that I come crashing down to reality and find out that I am just wandering all by myself. I know that I am not alone here. There are nearly 8 billion of us on this planet. It is garunteed that there is at least one other person out there that is having issues with cars. Be it the bane of commuting with a million other cars, or fearing for your life as you ride your bicycle alongside maniac drivers. Vent. get those frustrations out. Critique the site inform me of the unfriendly interface. OR send me hate mail. I love hate mail. It makes me laugh. Really it doesn't matter what you want to say. Words of encouragement are always appreciated. I just want to involve the outside world and make a bit more of a community here. After all that is what the internet is for.

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I would also like to take the time to say thank you to all of you who have taken the time out of your lives to read my words thus far. I am not sure who exactly if anyone is in fact reading this besides those who I have been in direct contact with. I know that people have been looking as there are reports available from my server. This is the true test though.

The idea for this came to me as I was talking to a homeless man this morning. He was drinking a beer on the steps of an insurance brokers building. I stopped and said hello. It resulted in him telling me all sorts of things about being homeless in LA. He made sure to state everything 4 or 5 times so i would be sure to remember it. He was 57 and had surfed every beach in California. He also informed me how to chum for mackrel. Mackrel is an oily fish. The oilyness can be reduced if you soak it in milk or buttermilk for a few days just for your information. He was a really nice dude. Told me that it was a bad idea to go south from here as you would have no end of trouble with the "pigs." "They don't like our kind." He also gave me a tip to being homeless. Which is to drink your beer from a bag, and wear layers so you don't have to have a backpack. Backpacks draw attention. Good advice for anyone who has ever thought of being homeless.

a beautiful person, apologies for the dark pic

I strongly suggest to anyone out there to take the time to talk to the people of the street. They deserve it as Humans. They face an awful stigma. Many people despise them and they know this. It is a horrible thing. It isolates them and causes them to become more and more introverted. I have come dangerously close to this point in the past. It is because of friends and family around me that have kept me from slipping to far. When society kicks you there is little left for you except charity. Charity can make the situation worse for some. It allows one to continue on the self-destructive path. Most people who live within the welfare system are there because they are trapped in it. It fast becomes the only way. to quote Operation Ivy "its a room without a window we can't see out." Friends and their own personal will are the things that can truely help the homeless.

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