Some Splaining To Do

location: Leo Carrillo Beach State Park, CA
time: jan 16, 2007 5:19pm
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It was a splendid day for walking. As they all have been. Glorious sun, another vitamin D day. I am worried that i may be getting to much. My lips are sooo dry. Maybe i should get my brother to drive down and give me some chapstik. Nah i wouldn't use the stuff anyways. Its to addictive. The last thing i need is to be addicted to another petroleum product.

Venice Beach was all that i was told it would be. There were some muscle bound freaks and alot of street people. I must've handed out a half pack of smokes. Talked to alot of people to. A tarot card reader, A surfer, an out of work constuction worker, and a couple of cute street punk chicks. They probably would beat me up if they heard me call them chicks. But they are miles behind me now. I followed the Beach all the way. I even walked with my boots off for a while. To save a little rubber. First time I have ever hiked with a full pack in bare feet.

Very Fitting

Around Malibu I stopped for lunch at a VONS supermarket. I am shopping there ever since a clerk handed me a discount card without asking for my details. Its an alright supermarket i suppose. They make pretty awesome sandwiches. I love sandwiches almost as much as I like burritos. Thanks Earl. Good invention.

feeding frenzy

I am currently sitting in a washroom in a state park some 15 miles from Malibu. Those last 15 miles were passed in the passenger seat of a car. Yes thats right I took a ride. I did not ask for it. It was offered. I am a fan of hitchhiking without thumbs. I know I know. Your probably beside yourself with rage. Holy Cow Aaron what have you done? I thought you were raging against the machine? Well yes this is the The Walk For The Cure For Cars. I am also human, not insane. When someone offers me a ride it is a tough job to say no. I have said no in the past to rides. While walking across BC i refused at least a half dozen rides before i took one. I would also like to remind you that this car was a single occupant vehicle. I would like to see this action banished if i could. Single occupancy is inefficient. These car things are capable of carrying more. They seat at least 4 comfortably. Why not use those seats. It makes the use of the gas that much more effective. Moving 2 rather than one. Carpooling. So wonderful. I'll have you know that I didn't stick in the ride as long as i could have. I could've gone all the way to Ventura if i wanted to. Thats another 20 miles or so. I cut myself off at 15 miles. Half a day of walking. California is huge 15 miles is but a half inch on my map. the entire map is about 3/4 of a yard. Not that much in the grand scheme of things.

The reason I got the ride in the first place was because i had a map. The man driving stopped me in a parking lot to ask for directions. By some miracle my uninformative map had the street he was looking for. He was a real nice dude. I was thankful to talk to someone who wasn't looking for a smoke. Its nice to be on the recieving end sometimes. He was a computer data technician. He told me that he works with Oracle, SQL and a few other things that i know very little about. I told him about my website and he said he would check it out. Another positive outcome. One more person to read these words that i write. He told me that he thought my idea was pretty ambitious and it probably wouldn't work. I told him that I am not trying to change the world. It would be ridiculous to think that I could actually stop people from driving. We need cars after all. Our current world demands them. What is not impossible is to examine this demand, and figure out if there any workarounds to this problem.

I am really stoked about this campground. Its awesome. There are trees here. They aren't irrigated. Natural. In addition to this there are all sorts of new wild-life. I have seen my first true bluebird. It didn't make me blue. There are a tonne of bunny rabbits too. If i was more of a hunter i would catch one and eat it. Thankfully the Campground volunteer gave me a can of chef boyardee so i won't have to. As some of you may remember i lived off of this catfood passed off as food, in Newfie land. This will be my first indulgence on this trip. Hopefully it will be the last but I have a sneaking suspicion that it won't be.

Tomorrow I cross out of LA county. I can't wait. with any luck the citiness of will drop off a bit more. Ever so slowly the terrain is changing. There are a few more different types of plants around. There is still the hint of licorice to the air. The hills are still covered in anise.

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