Death From Above

location: Big Sur, CA
time: jan 28, 2007 2:27pm
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I woke up feeling refreshed. If ever you get the chance I suggest that you check out Salmon Creek. Its not a defined State Campground. I don't recomend you park you car and hike up to camp. The pull out will fit maybe 3 cars. 1 RV if it hasn't got anything in tow. Its a spot that is easily walked to. I spent the night underneath a magnificent boulder. Matt had warned me of the potential for rain. This spot would've kept me dry in all but the hardest of down pours.

In the morning relit my fire and took a dip in the chilled waters of the fall. It was very refreshing, and jolted me awake like coffee will never be able to do. As I packed up my gear I dropped off a "log" into the fire. It burnt quickly as Bay trees are very hot when they combust. It didn't stink. I was surprised. If you pee on a fire it can be an extreme discomfort to sit next to the ash. People cook with poop in the desert. As it is the only plentiful dry energy around. I recomend pooping on a fire if ever you want to get rid of some nasty anus hair. It does a good job of erradicating this stuff. Plenty less painful than a Brazilian wax thats for sure. Just a little hot ass.

who can resist early morning nakedness
to bad i suck at early morning photography

I was hesitant to leave. I wanted very badly to start chiseling at the rocks and create a pueblo. It seemed like an excellent life task at the time. Simple, endless work, to keep the hands busy. Unfortunately that would've led to failure in my current task. Which is to walk.

I tripped up and down highway 1 for 8 miles to a place named Gordo. I won't call it a town as there wasn't much there. An expensive restaurant, a coffee bar, and a general store. I had breakfast in the expensive restaurant. $20 it cost me, and no available outlet. Well there was one but it was dead. I chatted up some of the the loco's. They had the Dead, Jethro Tull, and The Who playing. I think it was satellite fed. tastey stuff.

I bought a couple of beers at the general store. They were to stop me from walking to far. I stopped every few hours to smell the sea-breeze. I tried hard not to over do it. At around 1pm A man stopped to offer me a ride to Big Sur I was set on walking and turned down the ride. Told him I would see him in a couple of days.

Around the next bend there was a car parked at the side of the road. Not in a turn around but on the skinny shoulder. Up ahead there was a lady talking to a highway crewman. He was sitting in his truck blocking traffic. The reason he was doing this was because there was rocks all over the road. Amongst the debris was the carcass of a deer. It was most certainly dead. It lay there motionless. I don't think it was a hit and run. The body was in no way mangled. Everything was intact. Judging by the amount of rock on the road I think that severve trauma induced by a fall, was the culprit. A man with a snowplow showed up. He cleared the road of the rocks then backed-up to the corpse. As he got out of his truck, he asked if i would give him a hand. I took the pallbearing job, and lifted the dead deer into the back of his pickup.

A clear note of caution

He drove off with the head of the deer dangling above his hitch. Its tounge flopping around. He brought it up the road to an out of the way place and dumped it. Food for the growing Californian Condor population. On I walked. but not much furthur. I stopped a the Mill Creek bridge. the first of a series of rainclouds was beaching itself. I crawled under the bridge and drank my last beer. Sleep followed. It was a good sleep. I slept for most of the night. Waking periodically to listen to the surf and the rain. This highway shuts down at night. Good for a troll like me. The occasional thunder of a night rock clearer was all that disturbed this peaceful place.

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