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another couple of days gone by... some more rain to soak away stains. Barb and Frank dropped me off in due time out at the junction. bless their kind souls. it was a little drippy and grey out not too inviting but i took the plunge and walked nearly 40kms.

foggy soggy

along the way i had a gun pointed at me by a 14 year old boy. i'm not sure if it was real or not. it could have been a BB gun, he was to far off to tell. I just yelled "watch where your pointing that thing" and he ceased to take aim. fairly peculiar circumstance if you ask me.

The trail wound up and over some beautiful barren hills with bits of rock poking out all over the place. reminded me off pictures my friend had of ireland. complete with fog and everything. it was up there in a small cluster of trees where i ran into a inhabited cabin. well it was actually a renovated blue bird bus. i knocked on the door and an elderly gent popped his head out. as it was raining outside he invited me in. he poured me a cup o' tea and we set to chat. the conversation was fairly idle. he told me where there was good troutin and that i would definately see a moose before tickle harbour. i ended the conversation at the bottom of the cup and trekked back out into the foggy soggy.

bus in the bush

soggy trail

the 6 miles to tickle harbour disappeared and i was ready for a 60 more so i continued on my way. the trail got very lonely from that point on. i didn't see anyone for the rest of the day. and i went to bed as the sun was painting the fog a lovely colour. didn't even bother building a roof for my tarp hovel.

Now i must rant. if there is one thing in this world that i can hate. please let it be slugs. those sickly, slimy, pusalting, penis shaped goo makers can go straight to hell as far as i'm concerned. during that sleep under the foggy stars i fought an epic battle against their minions. the key to fighting slugs (and i learned this from experience) is to not kill them. for if you kill them the others cannabalise the corpse and use it to fuel the next onslaught. so instead i flicked and kicked each one of their boneless bodies far across the bogs and fens. damn beasties. at least this experience left me without the feeling of one crawling across my face thats just horrendous. Out in British columbia they've got slugs that are 8 inches long. I've had one of those embark on a trip across my face. it was quite possibly the grossest thing i have ever woken up too.

the canabalism of the Newfoundland slug
my camera didn't want to take the picture
i blame their grotesqueness

anyhow today has been quite quiet by comparison. i saw one man on the track and he was working on fixing a bridge. the trail wound down past some lovely ponds. and a pair of loons flew over my head at noon. currently, i am sitting at a CAP site (Community Access Program) in Arnold Cove. its begun to pour some more so i don't think i'll be making much more distance today. probably just get back to my pack and that'll be it.

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