It's not going to get any cheaper

getting to be like crack isn't it

I think this is now old news. Gas regularly fluctuates around a dollar per litre these days. Especially in British Columbia. But don't worry bottled water is still more expensive. When bottled water is cheaper than gas then its time to worry. Then all the SUV's of the world will be sent to where they belong. which is in hell. melting into sulphur. I have no sympathy for the SUV owner. In my opinion I think anyone who owns one deserves a full frontal lobotomy, and all their money burned seeing as how they enjoy burning anyway.

I can empathize with the average Joes and Josephines who have been convinced that life is unliveable without an automobile. I would like to suggest that it is possible to do without one. In fact I try to encourage that. Gas is only going to get more expensive. as is the case with supply and demand.

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