Excerpts From The Walking Journal

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This intuition thing is working out pretty well
falling asleep; two loons a coyote

got up to early
probably 6:30
now,... waiting,...
hyper-spatial traveler, broke destitute
eats cheques with a little flax
waiting for esspresso to cool
words don't cream the cremea

lunch with mormons
ham and processed cheese sanmiches
bought at gas stations
black suits beckon to all who'll heed
filling pious quotas
religious duty
reform the disbeliever
bring more unto the shepard

follow the leader
jesus, john smith, buddha,
just wise-guys on walks
taking trips
for the hell of it
anyone could do it

tea with hobos
pizza crust, and discarded fries
praying for demons
cradling bottles
all waiting for that thing... whatsit?
whiskey wishes and stiff sherry dreams
that ol' numbing feeling

"there's nothing at the end, except everything else."

preach that to the heathen
something is always happening
when you least expect it
magpie in the bush
doing that magpie thing

toothless grin asked me:
"wat'choo walkin fore?"
i replied:
"to protest high oil prices."
to which the grin remarked:
"You aught tu git pay'd"



either way
moving to one side
right, left
then back again
never one way
nor the other
i lien in the middle of the road
hoping for that ride to take me home
left, right
walk, drive
take it all in stride
gonna go past go
no returns
roam,.. rome
catch the wave, feel the vibe
speak a new language,.. survive
its so easy
days tick by
a month and a bit
been gone from it
dinner with the family


the end of the day
let's float away
a boat in the prairie
fall into the flow
distances may vary
sun goes down
grass freshly mown
time to take off the shoes
for a day
a night

idle diesel
transport truck
send me to sleep
with a little luck
(time drives past in a grey volvo)

some sort of piece of mind
send memories streaming
with all the other minnows
down the thought canal
that mystic channel
floating in the black
dissolve into white
nothing; but everything

another foot in front of the other

left to one's vices: life gets all syrupy
speaking wise words is all to easy

baby blue birds being fed
chirping incessantly
begin to unravel the world

the moon waits till well past midnight

stopped at esso for supplies
Hey, this intuition thing is working quite well

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