Report a bug

If you discover a bug in mp3togo, please report it to the mailing list here

The list is open for anyone to join, but membership is not required to report a bug. Mail sent to the list will be put into a public archive.

The list is archived here: mp3togo

An IRC channel exists on freenode for mp3togo


mp3togo is not yet a finished work. I will consider it complete when a non computer user can use it and find it intuitive and easy.

mp3togo is already a functioning and useful command line program. Before releasing a '1.0' version, I would like to incorporate the following features:

The source code for mp3togo is free. Feel free to hack around with it. Any patches for bug fixes or new features will be considered. If you have an idea for making mp3togo better, I'd be happy to hear about it.

Some handy scripts for working with a development version of mp3togo can be found here.

Source code access


The source code for mp3togo is stored in a git repository. Public access is available through http at

To check out a copy of the source code, install the cogito tools and use


to create a local copy of the repository.

The local copy can be kept fresh with cg-update. It is easy to create your own local branches and produce patches against the original source tree with cogito. See the readme for more information.

Browse the archive online

The revision history of mp3togo can be browsed online through the gitweb interface.