Packaged versions

An unofficial Debian package is available here:

This Debian package has been reported to work with Ubuntu. A user has reported that the python-eyeD3 package is named python-eyed3 in the Ubuntu repositories. This may require a tweak to the control file.

Users can install the tarball with python's distutils if the deb package does not work.

This package, to version 0.5.10 at least, works with Debian Stable (Etch).

The latest packages are built on Debian unstable.

Due to patent issues, lame is not available in the official Debian release, add or one of its mirrors for lame and some of the other decoders if it is legal in your jurisdiction for you to do so.

Versions 0.5.6 and prior should install on Debian Sarge. Newer versions depend on the new Python software packaging system python-support. The old packaging was removed here.

Source code

The latest mp3togo source package can be found here:

mp3togo is packaged using the python distutils. See the install manual for more information.

You can browse the download directory for older packages here: