The Aimee and David Story

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so, we were loving that beautiful wooded spot so much (and had perhaps had a bit too much wine) when we realized that we'd forgotten all about the bicycle race and it was starting to get dark. we didn't really know where we were and i got a little worried. but just then, you noticed a light moving in the trees, and this peculiar looking girl emerged...


This peculiar girl gives us a key, a medium sized box, and her lantern. She points to the small structure across the pond. When we look back , she has disappeared leaving us no opportunity for questions or a thank you. We decide to check out this curious round building. The door is locked but the key provides easy access. The room is rather dark as night has fallen. The lantern lights the small room with the glow of a warm embrace. Our eyes fall upon a small fireplace, a couch and some simple shelving. We sit down and decide to open the box. The box opens and we find...


lifting the lid of the box, the glow of the lantern falls upon some seashells, an old letter, and a little drawing on a scrap of paper. you have this look on your face like a little kid making a discovery. i grin and look over shoulder as you carefully open the envelope...



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