The Aimee and David Story

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I open the envelope and we find an old map inside with a photo. It appears to be an old treasure map! What could be buried there, and how would we ever get to it? The little drawing is curious and we decide to prop it up on a near by shelf with the sea shells so we can look at it while on the couch. We talk all night about all that has happened, the race, the vanishing girl, the small building we are in, and the curious finds inside the box. Sleep eventually overcomes us, and the couch is wonderfully suited for such a purpose. What will the morning bring?



that night, as we slept, i had a dream that we were by the sea. you still had your grandfather's camera and you were taking photographs of me as we played on the driftwood. it was windy and there was no sound. the sand seemed to be moving like liquid, rushing out to the ocean. everything was blurry and strangely, throughout the entire dream, i never saw you. i only saw myself as though through your eyes.......


I dreamt too as we slept. This time you had my grandfathers camera and you were taking pictures of me while we set sail looking for buried treasure. It was raining as we left the dock. A long journey ahead awaits and you decide to save some film. Dawn breaks, and wakes us ever so softly. While still warm covered by blankets we look around and can see a small window with flowers that greet us this glorious morning....


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