The Aimee and David Story

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we crawl out from under the blankets slowly. its not that it's cold, but we feel as though we are waking from the deepest sleep we have ever known. sun is rushing in through the window and the flowers smell warm and sweet. excited to begin our day, we busy ourselves folding the blankets and collecting our things, but when our eyes eventually cross paths, we pause. our dreams come back to us, and without saying anything--- we know. we aren't sure how to proceed on our adventure, but trust that somehow we will find our way. i put the box and its contents in your pack, already on your back, as you reach for the door. however, the door opens not to the meadow we closed it on last night, but to a room. there are people there, but they do not seem to notice us. in fact, they do not even seem to notice eachother..... we step across the threshold, and i close the door behind us...........


The door behind us disappears into the wall. We both look at each other, but are not afraid, in fact we have this excited look that acknowledges our eagerness for an adventure. As we venture into the room, I find we are holding hands, but not out of nervousness. Everyone in the room seems like they are frozen in time. I say out loud "say.... has anyone seen my scooter?". There is no response, so we push towards the table to see if there is anything to eat. Sure enough there are some croissants and tea that we enjoy immediately. After a small fit of the giggles, we hear some voices in the distant. We look down a hallway and see a door open to a bedroom. We peer around the wall to see two men. One seems to be giving the other an award. The newly decorated man looks up and sees us, he beckons us over and tells us...


In a raspy voice, the man begins to tell us a story about a young girl he met several years ago. At first, his words seemed disconnected, his thoughts seemed to trail off, and he we thought he might fall asleep there in his bed. But suddenly his eyes brightened. He reached out for my hand and, with a new sense of clarity, started again...."That was an important day...." he said, "An important day."


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