The Aimee and David Story

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"This is all too much Issac! We just fell from a well hole in the sky! Now there is a trap door in a floor!" I say a bit exhausted. "I know David, but sometimes it takes odd events to bring people to this point. Not many people find this entrance." old Isola replies. "What do you think?" I ask you. "I'm not sure, I'm a bit scared, this all has been a bit much." you say. I want to agree with you but I don't want to in front of Issac. Issac then says to you "You are not the only one Aimee, remember that. Now, trust me, and trust your instinct, you know you want to see beyond this floor" We both grab the glass knob, and before we open the door, I look up at you. Your eyes are clear and fall softly on me. "I'm glad you are here" you say quietly to me. I don't respond, but instead I lean towards you and press my lips against yours. I can taste strawberries as I kiss your soft moist lips. We are not quick to pull back. However remembering Issac is still with us, we stop. We see Issac rubbing his hands together and then he says "My work here is done! Now to see if it reveals itself!" You give me a little nod and we yank on the knob. The door in the floor opens easily like Issac said, and we see a bright light, and hear loud music. It sounds like a party, but we cannot really see anything. A good hearty laugh comes forth from Issac as he pushes us aside to set a ladder down in the opening. "I think you may be expected." he says. I climb down first and you are quick to follow. As we pass through the floor I look up and see that your wet clothes are gone and have been replaced by a large dress. In fact my clothes have changed too. We both look down and see a great hall, with musicians and dancers. It seems like they are waiting...


I am taken aback by the ornate beauty of the ballroom and of our fine new garments. My eyes don't leave the dance floor as we climb, one after the other, down the ladder. The orchestra continues to play, but the music softens as we step onto the floor. the joyous banter of the people in the hall turns to a low murmer--then silence-- as the men and women turn and smile at us. "You don't think they expect us to dance..... do you?" I say hesitantly. You look as uncertain as I feel, and I follow your eyes as you look up to see if Issac is still there at the door. We only see the door coming to a close, and a little puff of warm air hits our faces as it lands shut. As we turn back to face the empty dance floor and the people at its edges, the orchestra starts up with a haunting, yet beautiful song. "I think they want us to dance," you say, smiling and taking my hand. I let out a sigh and close my eyes for a moment to take in the music, but before I can open them again, you have pulled me out onto the dance floor and we are spinning in wide circles. The lights blur around us and dancers dressed in white and black sweep past. I catch the faint scent of sage when the whirl past us. The shine in your eyes is all that is clear to me. Dizzy and filled with the music, we laugh as we spin... lost somewhere in our circles. With our arms locked, you throw your head back and close your eyes. I close mine too......... And when our eyes open again, we are not the same. We are children. Around six and nine in age, dressed in knee socks and stripes. We are still dancing and giggling, more full-heartedly now, as the orchestra (now a spirited group of children with all sorts of noise makers) plays on.


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