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I did a little time at a little art school in Dundas Ontario. Its a good little school. Well equipped to instruct people in a variety of mediums. They have a printing studio complete with litho-presses, and wash basins. If you look behind one of the benches you might find my crude hinge table i built for screen-printing. There is a basic woodshop with most of the tools you might need for building things out of wood. I spent many long days down in the woodshop. cutting things, nailing wood, grinding metal. Those were good days and nights. I never did succeed in my wish to sleep there. Though I often contemplated it on the later nights.

Most of my records from that period are dispersed into a lot of boxes here and there. I have a few electronic pictures from that period. some are pretty dodgey. Most of the work I produced in that period is now only in the memories of the people that experienced it. Not many people forget a person who publicly sacrifices garbage to a materialistic god. I just wish I could find some pictures of the event.

all of that aside here are some pictures of my artschool days.


This is a picture of my scooter hanging from the ceiling. I hung it on seatbelts from the rafters. It was for the end of the year show. That is the only gasoline powered vehicle i ever owned. It was an awesome little ride. I took that thing on so many adventures around Southern Ontario. A beautiful little machine if you ask me. I quit riding it because of the expense of gas. In the 2 years I fed it. The price of a tank rose by a dollar. When I first sailed down the highways on that thing a tank was $2. By the end it was $3. In today's market it would be about $6. I see a trend i don't like here. That's why it is hanging there. I turned it in to art.

I've always said that it was the best apocalypse vehicle. A small engine that dosen't require much gas. A small vehicle size so it would be easy to manuvre through parked cars on a highway. The best emergency escape pod.



Its a bit blurry. Its shakey. But it does say "apocalypse bike."

I've sold the scoot since. I still buy gas from time to time. Its not that much of a problem though. These days I think walking has replaced my old model of getting out town in the event of an apocalypse. Well its more about just getting out of town in general. Screw the apocalypse. Its really beyond my scope anyways.

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