Strawfields & Rhinoplasty

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While attending DVSA I had the opportunity to put on a joint show with a classmate Jason Rhino. We called it Strawfields & Rhinoplasty. It was by no means a smash hit. None of the people from Art Forum showed up that I invited. Alot of people walked through. They made some nice comments about how my installation reminded them of their garage. I have to say it was pretty chaotic. It was an interesting contrast to my classmate's wall hangers. but enough talk. lets see some pictures.

Notice the lampshade edging into the picture on the right. Okay so it was the first time I had ever used lights to photograph something. Someday I will have what it takes to do everything right the first time. Because sometimes the first time is the only time. Enough sage advice lets just look at another slide.

This one is a little better. A slight bit fuzzy. I blame the film. I was using Tungsten slide film. I only had one bulb. I had to incorporate the gallery lights to acutally brighten things up enough. I think that was my mistake. That and I need to find better storage facilities. All that dust. tsk, tsk, Aaron. This is important stuff don't you know.

This last one here is the only reference I have of the sacrifice ritual my class and I preformed. The yellow hard hat that is all washed out. That was my head dress for the ceremony. Those are bike handlebar antlers sticking out the sides. I placed that thing on my head. Then led the class in a procession out to the front lawn. I danced around the altar that i had created on the front lawn of the school. It was a funny sight for any passers by. This guy with a hard hat on his head, dancing around a pole with a shopping cart on top. then the finale. Gasoline soaked flyers are set ablaze for added effect.

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