Leaving Los Angeles

location: Amtrak between San Diego and LA, CA
time: jan 8, 2007 1:00pm
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I woke up this morning pretty disoriented. In my sleep I had been dreaming of treeplanting in Northern Ontario. A ripple of panic went through my body when I woke up. Where are my bags and shovel??? In that moment of recognition, I felt that I was a stranger in a strange land. Far from the familiar I packed up my gear in fifteen minutes, ate the last of my apples, and bananas. I didn't linger long in the room. The dirty walls and bugs crawling on the furniture forced me out the door fairly fast. I returned the key to the clerk and ask for directions to the subway. I barely understood him but instead relied on the the hand gestures.

Walking up Magnolia st. I found a starbucks. I needed to use the internet and it was the first cafe I found. I inquired about the internet. The Barista informed me that they had free internet for the first 2 hours. I whipped out sitka and jacked in. The starbucks line required a credit card so i did a scan to see what else was around. there were two open ports, and about thirty with the encryption on. I went with the motorola port. It was pretty fast. I rsync'd the website and checked my E-mail. Apparently my friend wants to do a radio interview with me by phone next week. For those who live in the Vancouver Area tune into UBC radio at 5pm on the 18th. For the rest I am pretty sure that they stream the audio on the internet. I am not sure what the site is at the moment. I will find that out soon.

LA Union Station

I am currently on my way down to San Diego via Amtrak. I must say Amtrak is way cheaper than its equivilent in Canada. $29 from LA to San Diego. Not bad at all. I have been looking into getting to the Mexican/American border. Apparently there is a trolley that will take a body all the way to Tijuana. I am still undecided if i will take it. According to my map. It is solid city down to the border. I am not sure if I want/need to walk through all that urbanization. Urban camping is a little sketchy in these parts. The last thing I need is my all my stuff jacked and a shank stuck into me. “This ain't Newfoundland Dorothy” protect your ass-ets.

the scenery from the Train has been pretty interesting. Just outside of Union station we followed along a viaduct that reminded me of Terminator 2. I half expected to see a dirt bike flying by being chased by a Semi. no such luck. I did notice that all the storm drains that emptied out into it were turned into houses. I guess it wouldn't be to risky to live in one of those things, seeing as how the climate seems to be fairly desert like. Not too much risk of being washed out. Might happen once a year or so.

Well I am nearing San Diego i had better pack this computer back up so as to be ready for my dis-embarkation. Almost there. Walking Soon Come.

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