Dopalicious Custom Fly Rides by: Lurch

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These are some of the dope fly rides customized by non other than Lurch O'hara. not displayed are Mighty Micra, El Toro, and the 323 rocket.

lurch ohara
Custom sunroofs installed using a 5 pound sledge and a hatchet
pontiac 6000
Thats the lurcho himself

Man those are some sweet flames
and the blue lights, geez those things are like $500 at the dealer
jeep grand cheeroke

ford taurus or as they say in the scrap biz

Tim sometimes comes in to help lurch meet deadlines
he's really to sexy for the auto customization world
he should really be a male model or something

This one has the sweetest accessories
complete with swingset, inflatable whale, traffic cone, television,
on board axe, and shovel handle.
doors extra.

Pretty sweet cars eh? If your interested in having your car customized. Please contact lurch. His rates are low. He'll probably just ask for $5, a case of beer, and some smokes... and the results, well you can see can't you. Unless of course your browser choked on all the images. in which case its my bad. yeah right, like i'm fallable.

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