Lurch~ Tire Monkey Extrodinaire

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When he's not pimping out some flat ride. Lurch spends his time dismantling tires. Its a dirty, dirty job. It takes a certain kind of monkey, really. Piles have to be sorted and tires dismantled. It doesn't happen by accident you know. except of course if they are accidentally set on fire. But then there would be the nasty environmental reprocussions. Lurch is of the opinion that cars aught to be destroyed, not the environment.

the proud and noble monkey
atop his mountain

loaded el lurcho
El Lurcho is loaded

Seperating rims from rubber presents a logistical problem for lurch. When a wheel is together it takes up less space than when it is seperated. Space is finite in relation to the yard. Yet the tires can sometimes appear to be infinite. So in order to save space Lurch must stack and organize the piles. This is alright though. If there is one thing Lurch enjoys its stacking things. Don't take my word for it though. see for yourself.

This was taken before Lurch started to monkey.

as he works slowly a mountain of metal builds
a yes order

later rimstacks
Notice all the nicely stacked tires on the otherside of the rim stack
This picture was taken from the roof of the shop
my, thats some tonnage

later rimstacks
the mountain at its peak

He does some good work, no? Bringing order to chaos. And he did it all for some gummi bears and bubble gum. what a man that lurch is. The noblest tire monkey that ever wadded through the oily mud.

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