The Aimee and David Story

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So, I have a picture of where we will first meet. I think by the fountain in the middle of town would be good. Can you see my scooter parked next to it? I was thinking I could bring along my grandfathers camera and we could make a day of exploring. Where would you want to go?


I like your scooter. I will gladly jump on back and traverse the cobblestone streets with you. I'm not much of a gambler, but I was thinking maybe we could go to the bikes races and make bets on who will come in last. The winner gets to pick the next adventure. What do ya say?


I say, a bicycle race, what an excellent idea. While waiting to see who wins the bet, we realise that this is an endurance race and would go on for some time. Naturally we would be a bit hungry by now and so I think we would go into the forest to find a spot to drink some wine and nibble on some cheese. Much to our surprise we come across this wonderful, almost magical spot...what do you think of it?


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