The application process is rather simple. Its a typical Government form requiring certain information. They are looking for two important things with this form. The first is proof there was no break in staking. As stated in the Stakers guide staking must be done in a continuos act. This means a staker cannot stake claims on the weekends unless the claim is completed on that particular weekend. Proof is contained on the second page of this application. It outlines the times and dates each claim was started and completed. The second important feature of the application is a map of how the claims were staked. This appears on the last and second to last pages. These are the pages Mr. X drew for the low, low, price of one bottle of rum. Because the map is separated onto two pages it is hard to determine that the claim spell MINE. This probably aided with the clerk at the Ministry being blind to what was going on. To view the forms click on the images below. Sensitive information has been deleted for security reasons.

page 1

page 2

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