Welcome to the MINE Sales Centre. You may be wondering: what exactly there is to purchase in this MINE? This is an exclusive offer for the sub-surface rights to a beautiful piece of swampland located 15 minutes west of Upsala, Ontario. With the purchase of a share in this MINE, you are entitled to share in the incredible opportunity to own a piece of the most valuable MINE in Northern Ontario. Where is all this value coming from? Imagine a large vault filled with gold and precious jewels. Imagine yourself swimming through all of these riches: maybe doing the backstroke, or a swan dive. Yes, just like the cartoons. Picture yourself there in your mind's eye: rich beyond your wildest dreams. Isn't that a fantastic idea? The MINE is valued by the power of imagination. There may or may not be gold in them thar rocks. Who knows, but it's MINE.

What Does $5 buy?

You will find that your $5 is quite powerful with the purchase of this share. You will initially receive a reciept of ownership, and your very own map of the mine. Second, you will recieve notification of developments in the MINE project. The ultimate goal of the MINE project, as stated on the home page, is to collect a sum of money which will be used to aid in the reclaimation of a former minerals mine. Your $5 purchase will contribute to environmental renewal, which will in turn benefit all things on the planet. A small investment from a monetary point of view; a large investment in environmental terms.

Purchase a Share

Outlined below are Three methods of purchase for your very own share in this once in a lifetime offer. It should be noted here that all proof of purchase will be sent out via the internet in an electronic format. Through the following Email address. betterthanbutter[at]gmail.com. Except in extreme cases of technological paranoia, where packages may be sent via snail mail.


To use the PayPal method, click the button below. If you don't already have an account, you will be required to create one. Be aware that there is an automatic fee of 30 cents for using this method.

Snail Mail

If you are not fully into the PayPal Method and are into more archaic methods of money transfer, or if you simply wish to avoid the 30-cent PayPal fee, please send a cheque or money order to:
The MINE project
c/o Aaron Veldstra
15-1 Jean Street
Thunder Bay, Ontario
P7A 5E8

Please include an e-mail address in the package. Or in the extremely unlikely situation that you do not have an e-mail address; include a recieving address for a paper copy of the transaction.

In Cold Hard Cash

Look for Aaron Veldstra, coming to a town near you, sometime in 2009. He will hook you up, and take your money. Book an appointment at:

Still not convinced?

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