Mar, 18, 2009 15:25

The MINE project recieved a letter from the Minister.

The following is an update email sent to shareholders:

Jan, 18, 2009 12:54

This marks the very first update on the MINE. The project is going well. Yesterday the 25th share was sold, making the total earnings of the project before costs over $100. Which was the first hurdle of the second step. As some of you may or may not know the MINE was featured on a CBC radio show called Voyage North Jan 12 2009. The interview was brief, less than 15 minutes, but interesting. It is doubtful if the interview will generate many sales as there wasn't any contact information disclosed. This was done on purpose. There is only one person at the root of this project and I would be over-whelmed if all 592 shares were sold in one day. The sales have been consistent though and should remain so. The plan is to take time with this. By Jan 1 2010 all shares should be sold or the sales department will shut down. It will be at that time that the decision of what to do with the money will be made. I would like to invite everyone who has invested money in this to have a say. By the end of this there will hopefully be 592 people involved. I tend to believe in a consensus model of voting, as opposed to a majority vote. I feel that consensus is the best way to reach an agreement as it tends to not leave anyone out. Within it there is an escape hatch clause which allows for anonymity in a vote. That is "Silence is compliance," if you would not like to have a direct say in what happens, say nothing at all.

So far emails have been sent out to various elements in the mining industry in Ontario. The Ministry of Northern Development and Mines and the Ontario Prospectors Association. So far there has been little response. I am using the same tactic as used with the CBC. Emailing everyone who has an email posted on the website. I have a feeling it will be a bit difficult to get compliance with the ministry though. As for the OPA they had a bit of a hit with a recent incident involving cottage owners in an around Haliburton. In addition to this the world is in a recession. This adversely affects the Mining industry. Which could put people on edge. The main aim of the MINE project is to remain neutral within these uncertain times. This is not intended to be a politcal statement blaming a particular facets of Human society. It is intended to do the opposite. It is intended to look at the situation in a positive light. Reasses the current model and find was to make things more inclusive. A way to unite people of various backgrounds in a positive and progressive way. This may indeed seem lofty. However it is, in my opinion, nothing new. This sort of thing happens everyday at every level since we started this thing called civilization, and it is partly the reason why we are all here today. This just happens to be a very odd method of going about things.

Once again I would like to take a moment to thank all of you who have participated so far. You bought early. Thats awesome. The website has seen some revision over the past few days. It will continue to be revamped over the course of the year. At times I am out in the bush for extended periods of time. However the modification will continue till the project finds itself at some conclusive end. It should be noted that no personal info will get out. All that is posted on the website will be a name nothing more.