Beer is Cyclical

thin bar
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After making that first wall display, i was hooked. What entertainment. Soon all my down time was devoted to creating displays. I moved on into the realm of floor displays. intrigued by the difficulty of making a straight line a curved one, i designed this "bookend." At the end of the American wine section.

subtle humor


It was around this time that i started working on free standing displays. I brought the curve theme to its logical conclusion. A closed circut. A nice rounded shape that could be walked around. This was my first attempt utilizing a few packs of kokanee that were lying around.

These forays into the world of roundedness gave me a wonderful idea. There was a chunk of realestate in front of the coolers that was crying to be filled with a display. I had a vision of the tower of babylon built from beer. A spire unequalled in coolness. Cases of pilsner piled to heaven. well that was the idea. It ended up being slightly shorter than I had envisioned. I could have taken it higher, I had the beer. It got to a point where i started thinking of the structural integrity of cans. Granted they were full of beer and much more rigid than an empty can. However it is still rather thin aluminum. easily ruptured under pressure. there had to be a maximun load one can could bear. Water is pretty heavy after all. As much fun as it would be to go swimming in beer. I decided not to tempt fate and stop at a safe level.

how you like that babel?

By the way i did infact play with a lot of lego as a child. thin bar
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